Factors to consider when buying custom made USB sticks

Custom USB sticks provide a great promotional for marketing your business or company. Giving them to your clients and business associates helps to boosts your brands visibility and set your company at another level. Before you place any orders it is highly recommended that you put certain factors into consideration for you to be able to get your hands on USB drive that will suite your business needs.


Size of USB

When shopping for USB drive the first thing that should come to your mind is your business needs. What type of files do you carry on a regular basis? Files like word documents and pictures often take a very small space on a USB while raw graphic content and videos take a huge amount of space. USB sticks range in sizes from the smallest 64MB to the largest 32 GB hence pick the one that is most suitable for you. If you plan on giving out Promotional USB drives then you may need to consider going for those with large memory capacity.

Type of USB

The next thing you need to consider is the different types of custom USB sticks available in the market. The varieties include USB 1.1, 2.0 and the latest 3.0. These USB vary depending on the speed of transfer rate with the newer version USB 3.0 having the highest transfer rate speed. To give your company a good reputation, provide your clients with USB 3.0 as they have superior functionality.

Target audience

The next thing that you will need to consider is the target audience. You need to know a little bit more about your clients so that you give them the right product. This means finding out how the clients will use the USB drives in and out of the office environment.


Customized USB for ease of doing business

Custom USB drives are in huge demand now because of their convenience and innovation. Businesses like High Tech companies, Financial institutions, eCommerce, Government agencies, Mortgage and Insurance companies, and many more are opting for these innovative solutions for promotional purpose. These businesses make use of customized flash drives in various ways as given below:

  • Business Card: Instead of giving a standard or normal business card, you can opt for customized USB drives in the shape of cards, for creating a lasting impression. You can print your contact details on the surface of the drive.
  • Conference Giveaway: Being invited to speak at a conference requires preparation. You can utilise custom USB sticks to store the presentation and resources and distribute them to the interested audience after your event. This will help you to share your message with a wider audience. People can revisit your presentation and give a copy to other interested parties.
  • Trade show Giveaway: You can use promotional USB drives for your next trade show Giveaway.You can choose to store digital coupons in the flash drive so as to encourage the new trade show connections to buy from you after your event. You can also store prize coupons in selected flash drives for winner5s to claim after the event. This way there will be an increase in the trade show connections coming back to you.
  • Company event Giveaway: Customised flash drives are the most practical gifts that the clients will never hesitate to use. You can share the company’s photos, event calendars, videos and marketing materials through the use of these drives as gifts. You can give such gifts during any company event, holiday season or ‘as thank’ you gift. It is a great idea for your clients, employees and other stakeholders.


Custom USB drives – A great way to promote business

While there are many giveaways that entrepreneurs have been using for a long time, customized USB drives have become a more useful and effective promotional item in the marketplace.

Here are some significant benefits to people using promotional USB drives:

An excellent gift: It’s not necessary to comment on the efficiency of these devices, which are also well-known to as USB flash drives, pen drives, or storage devices. There was a time when the use of these drives was limited to the PC alone. However, nowadays these drives are compatible with various devices such as smartphones, tablets, music players, car radios, and so on.

Long lasting: USB sticks are known for their durability. If a USB port is damaged, it can only be possible to impact the physical conditions. In this way, consumers get something that is not only permanent, but also attractive.


Economical: We owe it to the revolution of USB storage technology. Promotional USB drives cost neither arm nor leg. The truth is, producing of such devices can be very reasonable in a large quantity.

A wide selection of colors and styles: You have many options to choose from, as there is a wide choice of colors and styles in custom design units. Choose from various shapes such as sporting goods, animals, cartoon characters, vehicles, etc. Different materials are used to make these USB advertising units. Depending on the type of product or service you wish to promote, you can purchase large units from a reputable manufacturer and record the name and logo of your company.


Traditional products such as pens, mouse pads, key chains, mugs, T-shirts, calendars, etc. are now items of the old generation. Although many entrepreneurs and businesses have used the above elements extensively, consumers have lost interest in getting them over and over again. It’s good to use custom shaped USB drives to increase the awareness of the brand among the target audience.

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Custom USB sticks

The custom made USB stick is a great way of marketing your brand or promoting your business. These days there are a number of manufacturers that deal with customized accessories and WeAreUsb are one of the leading companies that exports customized products across the world. The company has decades of experience in project management, manufacturing and importing thus making them one of the most reliable manufacturers of custom USB sticks. Their expertise and experience is evidenced from the fact that they have collaborated with some of the biggest clients globally and have provided excellent high end solutions with regards to customized data storage.

The different templates of custom USB sticks

WeAreUsb has multiple different templates for USB drives available on its website which can be used to manufacture your own personalized product that reflects your business or marketing idea. The various templates that are available for the customers to order their own customized USB sticks include cards, leather, keys, pens, wood, metal, plastic and wristband. Each of these templates have their own features and characteristics that work on a different level for the different clients. Let us have a more detailed look at some of these templates and how they can be used to manufacture your ideal custom made USB drive.


Color cards are one of the popular choice for the consumers looking for promotion of their respective businesses or professional stakes. It is one of the most cost effective method of marketing and it also serves as a great tool of productivity. The thin card offers a big printing area on both sides thus serving as an ideal platform for promotions. Apart from the color card you can choose the plastic card USB, aluminum card USB and USB web-key.

The other popular templates metal, wood and plastic also provide multiple options for customization and your choice of template should always be based on your requirements.

Why Choose The Custom Usb Device For Your Business?

If you choose custom USB device, then you will get several advantages. It will increase business reputation, promote your business or products, and generate leads.

Are you looking for the Custom USB Sticks for advertisement purposes?  Or do you want to purchase custom USB devices? If you want to purchase it, then you have to search the net.

Why search the net?

If you search and buy through the net, you will get several advantages, like –

  • Just a click of mouse, you will get all the product easily
  • You can choose any single product from thousand products easily
  • If you purchase through the online, you will get attractive offer and discounts
  • You can place the order 24*7
  • Check and choose the best quality USB drive easily.

Choose the best USB drive easily

Choose the best Custom USB Sticks after profound research. There are different types of USB devices available in the market and you have to choose the best one easily.  Notify your prospective customers and clients about your services or products containing product price lists, catalogs, photos, case studies, drawings, and demo videos. Save on printing prices by creating a digital list that is simple to ship out at any time.


Use as promotional tool and then proceed

You can use as promotional tool and then proceed. If you don’t want to invest huge money for advertisement purpose, then buy USB device custom and then put the company brochure and distribute.

It is one of the best ways to promote and advertising the product and services. Choose the best designing company who design and provide attractive USB device at the best price. Search the net and choose the best website now! It will offer several advantages.

Your New USB: Suited To Your Tastes!

I’m sure everyone in the 21st century knows what a USB is. It is an abbreviation for Universal Serial Bus that is used to form a connection between electrical gadgets. With the advent and improvement of already established gadgets, the USB, as an apparent result, was also improved and is now available in the wireless form. Doesn’t the word ‘wireless’ itself sound so much easier? Well, it has become a thousand times easier to now carry a USB and even exchange it with friends. A USB helps us to exchange information, be it formal or informal, with each other. We all know how everything has been improved and made better and better with time. But did you know that USBs can now be customised? Yes, you heard me right. A custom shaped USB for your personal or professional use.


What Is A Custom Shaped USB?

A custom shaped USB  is one that is made personally for you, according to your favourite design, colour, and even shape. USBs were usually made with the name of the brand written on its body, but the new custom USB is made according to your design. These designs may either be your favourite cartoon or comic book character or even your name. These are made with good durable rubber that won’t break even after extensive usage. These come with a guarantee the materials will not disappoint you. You can even suggest your design and ask them to make them, and you will not be disappointed. Custom USB sticks are like designer USB sticks which serve the same purpose of exchanging pictures, videos, songs, and even movies and games.

Why Should You Use Custom USB Sticks?

USBs themselves are useful for various purposes. A customised one only makes it better-looking. And when you have such adorable gadgets to work with, even your work becomes exciting and keeps you interested in it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get yours today from the nearest store!

The Advantages Of Distributing Freebies Resembling Your Product

As more and more companies are emerging in the market, the competition is becoming challenging. Unless and until some alternative method of promoting the brand or product is thought that can be distributed as a promotional item along with a purchase, it is challenging to lure the customers towards you in this age of cutthroat competition.




Using Unique Methods

Custom Shaped Flash Drives are one of the novel methods through which one can promote a brand among the masses. These types of pen drives can be used by the customers giving them a sense of possession as well as keeping you remembered in their mind.  They can be of any shape and can accurately replicate any of your product or company logo.

You can make Logo USB Drives that resembles the logo of your company and can be seen by many when the customer uses it. These types of USB drives draw attention as they are unique in design and not commonly found. Inquisitive onlookers often query about them and on getting information about the source of the possession from the user, is lured to make a footfall to your company doors. Ultimately the purpose is to increase the business traffic in your product so that you can earn rich profits.

Custom shaped USB drives can be ordered to companies who mold them using rubber or plastic after getting the design or logo you want to have. They are much cheaper than advertisement and have more shelf-space for remembrances as they are used by the clients and not overseen like advertisements. Though they are promotional yet, they satisfy the customer, as they get something extra along with the purchase and remember your company for future businesses. Unique methods always help to edge past the competitors to be on top.