Custom Shaped USB Drives Now Available At Cheap Prices!

Are you confused regarding the correct choice of return gift to your guests? Or is it a business meeting and you want to impress your clients with an innovative gift? Or is it a farewell gift for the graduation batch? Be it whatever, gifting is now made easy with these creative and affordable customized flash drives, Custom USB Sticks or logo USB drives. No, you don’t have step out of your home in this scorching heat. Just order it online. They will deliver it your doorstep within days.

What Is A Personalized USB?

You have used a USB drive at least 5 times in your life, for transferring movies, projects, images. Everyone needs a USB. So, why not add a little twist to this day to day useful thing? Now, you can get a USB shaped like anything you want. Be it a perfume bottle or a wine bottle or a teddy bear. These types of USB drives are called personalized or customized USB drives.

How Do They Do It?

10You will have to simply send them the image or details of t thing that you want to be replicated. The more the details, better is the replication. The company will then use the latest technology to turn that image into a 3D replica with the flash drive. These could be used as Promotional USB as well.

What Is The Price Range?

First of all, there is a “minimum order” limit that you have to pass in order to be able to place the order. Sounds confusing right? Breaking it down, each company has their own threshold for the number of USB drives that the minimum number that you have to order. You can’t just order one or two. The price depends on how many you want. It is usually cheap.


USB drives are surely one of the best gifts that could be given to anyone. Cheap, useful and unique they are bound to impress the recipients.


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